Dumas Hartson Post 8189 Crystal River - Homosassa, FL
R.P. Johnson, USN Retired Commander
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Post History

Chartered, 3/29/1965 with 41 members

Dewey Addington

Russell M. Adkins

Stewart L. Ayers

James Baker

Carroll S. Bechtel

Charles M. Blackford

John Boseman, Jr.

Carl H. Brosius

George H. Buckner

Walter E. Bunts

Robert D Conley

Charles W. Cosner

Harold L. Faircloth

William J. Fought

Virgil E. Garrison

Andrew S. Goodman

Wallace E. Goodman

Paul V. Grannan

William P. Griffin

Rheuben M. Hair, Sr.

Stanley W. Hartson

Robert L. Houghtalin, Sr.

Wade H. Langley

Franklin B. Perry

Lewie K. Ratley

Edward L. Renninger

Estel Rentz

Bennie J. Richard

Raymond H. Riggs

Mason C. Rust

William H. Sanders, Jr.

Calvin E. Sigmon

Forest E. Stiver

John G. Stoney

William D. Stoney

Charles R. Strickland

Louie E. Swearingen

Edgar E. Tolle, Jr.

Gene B. Toney

Charles H. Watson


Howard G. Yonally


The post combined with VFW Post 6146 Robert P. Brownell, Homosassa, FL.

I do not have a date this took place.  Or any information about Robert if you have any input it would be greatly appreciated.

Click on this to see a slide show of Past Commanders any info to fill in the blanks would be greatly appreciated.

Click on the name of the VFW Military Events that are given a short ceremony and read the write ups.

Loyalty Day, VE-Day, D-Day, Flag Day, Korean War Remembrance, Independence Day, Korean Armistice Day, VJ-Day, Patriot Day, POW/MIA Day, VFW Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day

VFW – Commemorative Tributes 2013

Vietnam Peace Accords Signed 1973                                         27 Jan

Sinking of USS Maine, 1898                                                      15 Feb

Liberation of Kuwait/Operation Desert Storm 1991                      28 Feb

Start of Kosovo Campaign 1999                                                  24 Mar

End of Operation Restore Hope Somalia 1995                            31 Mar

Loyalty Day                                                                              1 May

VE Day 1945                                                                             8 May

Memorial Day                                                                            30 May

D-Day 1944                                                                               6 June

Flag Day                                                                                   14 June

Korean Remembrance (new)                                                       25 June

Independence Day                                                                    4 July

Korean Armistice Day 1953                                                        27 July

Purple Heart Day                                                                       7 Aug

End of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2010                                         31 Aug

VJ Day 1945                                                                             2 Sept

Patriot Day                                                                               11 Sept

POW/MIA Day                                                                           21 Sept

VFW Day                                                                                  29 Sept

Start of Ops Enduring Freedom Afghanistan 2001                      9 Oct

Recognition of Women in Military Service                                   18 Oct

Veterans Day / Signing WWI Armistice 1918                               11 Nov

Pearl Harbor Day 1941                                                               7 Dec

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